Monday, February 9, 2015

Puerto Angel

This morning the girls got up and went to watch the sun rise. Lara got bored and left about 5 minutes before it was up so she never did get to see it. 

Then we packed up and hit the road it was only 44 kilometers It is a slow drive with the winding road then when we got into town the main street was closed so we had to drive up and around the closure. The streets were to narrow and at one point I made Brenda get out and move a motorcycle so we could get threw. But we finally made it to Rancho Mango.
We set up and went for a walk on the beach. This is a very unique place.

Lara ran and jumped in the Ocean. Then she said she realized why so many people were not wearing clothes the waves just rip them off anyways.

Hey Peg just for you and old nude guy on the beach.

And of coarse we had to take the picture of the tunnel threw the rock.

Lots of nude people on the beach.

when we got up close to the tunnel I was surprised how much water was coming threw it

I had to take the next 2 pictures these 2 picking on me  you can just see the devil in there eyes.

They are not all old men Peggy.

Hey Trent looks like Cody's brother.

We need to come back and check this place out.

In behind these huts there was a bunch of vans and small motor homes parked. Not sure if its a trailer park or just a place where all the surfers hang out.

The street behind the beach places need to go and walk it.


  1. That picture where you saw the small motor homes is where we camped the last time. Most people rented hammocks. I pumped my tanks into their latrine. Love my macerator pump.

  2. I keep saying I am going to buy one. They are a lot cheaper.