Thursday, February 5, 2015


The internet is working a bit this morning it took an hour to upload these pictures. The trip from Hogar Infantil to Arista was beautiful it was through the mountains.but like most Mexican roads no pull offs to take pictures. 

The beach at Arista I have no idea how long it is but in both directions that is all you can see.

The girls enjoying a walk on the beach

The campground is nice Its a large place I think 6 acres. We have water and have a long extension cord run to the bathroom for electricity. Its very quiet and feels like you are in a piece of paradise.

The town was a bit depressed It felt like one time it was a going concern but has died now. Many empty buildings There are a lot of restaurants on the beach but I think there was only 6 people on the hole beach so maybe its a weekend place for the Mexicans. We walked down a back street to get back to the park and the road was like the place where you dump your dead animals we could smell something dead  before we started to see the dead dogs and the dead chickens not sure what else but it sure smelt bad. That kind of put us off for this place. Today we are going to drive down to another beach to check it out and maybe the next day we will be heading out of here looks like we are going to head up the coast.

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  1. It was baking hot when we were there two years ago but it was definitely busy and we were there about the same time of year. Still the place didn't impress us much and for there were way to many mosquitoes and noseeums in the evening and at night. Mind you we were camping in a tent there, if we were in the motorhome we might have felt differently but not sure.