Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sayulita Monkey Mountain

Sorry I have not been blogging I was just to sick. I do think I got sick from the water I was talking to some guy and he has been sick for a few months and he came up with the water from the one water guy was where he got it from. My luck to buy from the same guy. Brenda and Lara didn't get it because they drink beer and juice all I drink is water so I do think it is possible that is where I got it from. It took a batch of antibiotics to feel better still not feeling 100% but a lot better.

The first bunch of pictures was back a few days ago we walked to a couple of different beaches.

After walking to the end of the first beach we climbed over some rocks and came to this beach.

I took a picture down the beach and could see a couple more beaches.

After that beach we walked through the jungle and I got this picture nice bird never saw one before.

This is Plya de Los Muertos this is the swimming beach to get to it from Sayulita you have to walk through the Cemetery that is why its called los Muertos (the dead)

These are all new homes built since we were here last time. Its a place where the rich Gringos buy.

This is the biggest Pelican I have ever seen.

This was yesterday we went looking for the trail up Monkey Mountain. We found the road that headed towards it so we took it. It ended up that the road just followed a river bed.

We ended up driving down it for about a kilometer It was a lot of fun but it was the wrong direction so we had to drive back through it. We found the right road and followed it to the bottom of the mountain we had to open a few gates and drive through farmers fields till we came to a locked gate so we headed back to the main road and asked the people if they would be our guides the guy agreed for 800 pesos. In town the cost is 2400 pesos so we booked for tomorrow at 10 AM.

So this is us heading up the mountain.

We walked up a dry stream bed and this is Brenda holding up one of the boulders.

Some of the trail was just cow paths and it was completely grown over.

More of the same trail.

This was a strange flower it felt like the petals were rubber.

The first view about half way up.

This next picture is about a half hour later.

And this is the last 100 meters you had to climb up over boulders.

Some places you had to hold on because it was along way down.

And this is from the top. You get a 360 degree view

The girls had to climb the highest boulder up there buy they made the guide do it first.

They were brave I wouldn't go up there this is one of those fun things you can do in Mexico but if this was in Canada there is no way they would let you up here. Some of the boulders were just hanging over the edge waiting to fall and to me this was one of them.

Gray slipped and almost fell that was a bit of a scare. See the Vultures they showed up instantly. If you look at the rocks you can see all the bird crap so I think they are always up here.

Gray and Lara wanted a picture in front of the bird crap

And down we go proud of brenda she only had to sit and slide on her butt a couple of times.

This is a better picture of the rock you had to walk up.

Gray slipped and grabbed the wrong bush she ended up with a hand full of thorns. 

The only wild life I saw besides a couple of birds.

The guide took us down a different way to show us the water falls.

This is where the farmer dammed up the river and ran a pipe down to his place it was still about a half a kilometer to his small farm that was a lot of pipe. 

Following another cow trail.

Grey trying to pet a calf this was as close as she could get.

Told you we were on a cow trail.

So this is what we did today it was fun and took about  4 hours.

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