Monday, November 3, 2014

Nasa Houston

Today was playing tourist. We went to NASA and did the tour. It was a fun day but was a long drive.

Every thing is set up so you can see it all.

The Rover

And yes I did go here is proof

And there is Brenda

This is the training center. They all come here to train for space. Every thing is actual size.

This is my favorite they have one of these on the space station right now. It can text without spell check, I think I want one.

This is the most impressive thing of them all. This rocket is so long you cant even imagine. Just think it weighs 3 million pounds without fuel. Then they add 6 million pounds of jet fuel scary

cant tell how long it is here
Its so long see how small the people are at the other end.

this is the 3rd piece.

All of that for that little capsule at the top for people to get in and go to space.

Where do they find people to sit on top of 6 million pounds of fuel and get blasted into space.

Outside some school uses the property to grow Cattle. Look at the size of the horns


  1. Looks like a fun tout, thanks for taking us along.

    1. H George it was an ok day. Now you have me picking up Pecans there are alot here.