Sunday, November 16, 2014

Canada de La Virgen

Today I went out to get some pictures of the sunrise but I missed it. But I did get to see some hot air balloons.

There was about 20 of these above the neighbors RV they spent the night there. I was thinking just think how much bird crap is on his roof.

Once the girls got up we decided to go to the Ruins Canada de La Virgen. There was no address any place we could find so some one looked them up on Wikipedia. Lesson learned never trust them. We drove for 2.30 hours before we found it and it was only about 30 minutes from home. We had to ride in a bus to the site but they drop you off 1,5 kilometers from them so you have to walk in up a hill this is the half way point,

We get here but have to stay with the group. The guide spoke Spanish and told about the ruins with out understanding him it seamed to take forever.

Some of the pottery found at the site

All that I wanted to do was go climb them but not to be.

While he was talking I wondered off and got a picture of this bird I thought it was a cardinal but I don't think so.

After I was yelled at by the guide I was standing on a walk way reading a sign and he tells me to get off it and in perfect English says if you cant read it standing off the walk way he would read it to me. I was pissed then that he didn't even try to tell us in English about some of the ruins. His loss because I tip better than most and he just loss his. In fact when we got off the bus not one person gave him a single pesos. So it was really his loss.
I was surprised that we finallay did get to walk on them.

We climbed to the top of the main one.

Looking out over some of the smaller ones around it.

Some of the paint still on the walls at the top.

If you look close you can see both of the girls at the top.

Lara walking down without looking brave girl.

Tonight we are going into town for dinner and some more shopping.Tomorrow we are moving down the road.

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