Monday, November 10, 2014


We had another early day today. Lara was even up by 7am and we were headed to the boarder by 7.30am It took about 1hr to drive the 20 miles to the bridge there was a lot of traffic. Then there was only one other couple with use at the customs. They did ex ray Sally that was a first it only took about 10 minutes. but it took an 1hr to fill every thing out and get the photo copy's that we needed then we were off.
I had a new copilot today Lara sat up front with me and was in charge of the camera today so these are her pic.
I think she was taking a picture of the mirror in this one.

She was quite impressed with the mountains had no idea there was mountains in Mexico.

Every one can tell what this is a dead butterfly. We did hit way to many today there was alot of Monarchs.

There was a bunch of guys along the road and they had what looked like a 3 inch plastic pipe cut almost in half. They would swing it across of the top of what ever that is that is growing there to collect the seeds then dump them in the bag. I was thinking maybe rice. but really no idea.

She just loved these rocks

And another one

We ended our day in Sayulita at the Imperial Palace. The place has not changed except it cost more 460 pesos. And the toll roads seamed to be alot this time we paid 910 pesos. And we walked over to the mall to get the Tecel working that was a nightmare we paid for it then they put it on the # we had and then they said that since we had not used it they had given the # to other people and to get it back they had to call and see if the people would do that if not to bad we lose the money. The hole thing took like 3 hours and one guy did give the money back but they have not been able to get a hold of the other one. We did go out for diner nothing special it was a place in the mall.


  1. Nice to get moving down the road again in Mexico. I am sure will enjoy your time there. Travel safe.

  2. I am already loving it just wish the rain would stop but we can not control the weather.