Saturday, November 29, 2014


Lara was up by 7.45 said she loved sleeping in the tent. Except the Howler Monkeys woke her up 3 times she thought it was Jaguar's. I have no idea when she went to bed she meet up with some of the other campers and hung out with them. She love's this place.
So first thing this morning we went to the Ruins. I took way to many pictures and I am not commenting on them all. This is the first on we climbed.

There was a coffin or what ever you call it in this one.
This is a picture of the main one but we don't go in it till the end.

Hard to believe they found this after all these years. It is such a great place except it is getting way to busy. And I am sure they are going to make it a tourist trap just like the ones close to Cancun.

Great pic. she loved it and See's what we were talking about with the ruins the ones she saw so far are a let down compared to this place.

The ball court.

Even with a headache she climbed all but one.

Love this picture of her jumping from one to the other.

This was the steepest one it was a bit nerve racking coming down.

This is the start of the main one it is huge.

See the do not enter sign it took a bit to get Lara to follow us down here she thought some one would yell or some thing. But after we were down in the tunnels we had just entered the exit.

They had 2 of these have no idea if they were beds or what.
I just liked this picture.


  1. Some really nice shots of the ruins. You are all doing a great job on keeping the rest of us posted on your antics and travels.

  2. Always enjoyed exploring the Mexican ruins, thanks for todays tour.