Friday, November 14, 2014

Bad Day

The girls did something not sure what when i got up to them they were getting in the Police truck. I watched them drive away thinking they would be right back but they never did come back. I hung around for awhile but got tired of waiting so I drove back to the RV. They are not back yet and it 7pm so maybe there spending the night in Jail. I figure they are big girls so they will figure it out for them selves.

OK Bernita did I give you a heart attack  I will tell the story of the ride in the Police truck later.
This is Guanajuato.
Never trust your GPS we had just put in el centro and thats where it took us I guess. First we climbed a hill that just went on and on. Then it took us on a street down that was just as far except the street kept getting narrower It was so tight a fit that at one point there was not 2 inches on either side of the Geo.

Me and Lara were not liking it at all I kept thinking we were going to get wedged in between two buildings or that we were going to have to drive down a stair case.

After we got out of there I parked at the first place I could find. It said it was 1 hr parking or thats what I thought it said. The first thing was to get a drink Lara and Brenda went for some juice no idea what kind it was looked brown to me.

Then we found this market

The two shoppers.

I felt sorry for this teacher she had about 20 kids to keep an eye on in this market.

This town has tunnels all under it they wanted to drive but after that crazy street I said go walk them if you want to see them.

There was a silver mine under this town now they use the mine shafts as roads.

The main cathedral

Another church and the theater.

Then we found this Funicular

It took us up to this statue I have no idea who it is I don't even remember Reading the name.

The view of the city was beautiful I have so Manny pictures I had a hard time picking.

We walked down

They had some murals some were quite nice

At this point we decided to go back to the GEO and move it. Note to self don't park in any spot that says 1 hour parking. We had a ticket on the windshield and the front plate was gone. So off we go walking back the way we came trying to find someone to tell us where the police station is. Every one kept saying keep going down the street we were on then we found a woman police officer who went out of her way to help us she found another lady and man that spoke a little English but they really were no help. So then she gets on her walkie talkie and she says follow her. So off we went again she finds the police truck and talks to them for a few minutes and then she says get in so in the police truck we get in and the lights go on and we were off. First they head down into the tunnels I had no idea how many there are under that place we went on and on. After 10 minutes of being under ground we come out and start going up and up and at the top of the mountain they pull over And the one officer gets out and tells us to follow him we walk down some stairs and into a building and there was an English speaking guy that got our plates but this time we had to pay the fine 230 pesos. We go back and get in the police truck and they start driving but had to pull over for a bus and it was at the statue that we were just at so we said we would walk back and thanked them and tried to give them some money but they wouldn't take it. So back down the hill and we stooped for some lunch I had tapas brought back memories of Spain.

As we were sitting there eating the woman police officer walks by all happy we got our plate back.

We just walked around for a little longer then headed home.


  1. We just followed the adventures of our fellow bloggers that we met last year. The spent 3 days walking Guanajuato's streets tunnels and markets.
    A super couple and their 5 year old daughter their blog is on our sidebar "A Life Made Simple".

    1. I have been following there blog, was wondering if we would run into them