Wednesday, November 19, 2014

La Pena de Bernal

Today we decided to stay here for the next 4 days. So today we drove to La Pena de Bernal. It is the second biggest Monolith in the world and the 3rd highest, On the way while I was putting gas in the car the girls went to take pictures of the Murals under the over pass.

This is the rock we came to see.

And we had to stop at the church in centro.

We stopped for Breakfast before we started the walk up the hill.

We walked from cetro up the streets till we got here this is the start of the trail.

The girls stopped at some of the shops on the way up.

They left the shops behind and it was a steady climb.

About half way up we came to this small door. And inside was a small cave full of water. It says its good to drink but I would not trust it.

Lara stuck in her head and got a bowl of water just to check it out.

Lara with her friend this dog followed us from centro and stayed with us till the top.

These flowers were so nice they were along the trail.

Starting to get up there at this point.

Lara trying to give her mom a heart attack.

Brenda taking a break

See how high we are.

This is almost as far as you can walk.

This is the end of the trail. After this you need climbing gear.

See how far it is down to the town.

Brenda stayed at the end but me and Lara went higher. Hey mom look at me standing on the edge of a mountain.

This was so funny. As you climb across this section you have to watch it because if you slip you slide for a couple hundred yards down the mountain.

 Think she is a little nervous.
At this point I am laughing so hard she says you wont slide all the way down. And I say just grab one of the weeds that will stop you.

Here she is looking for what to grab.

See she made it just to get up on this to get her picture sitting up there.

That is the top but there is no way you can walk up there without climbing gear.

Brenda  and the dog waiting for us.

Trying to get back down

And she left her name on the Mountain

After we got back down and started walking the streets of town we came across this horse wandering loose. Lara trying to make friends with it.

Then they needed some food they tried some Gorditas. Made from black corn.


  1. I swear....any more cliff pictures and I am coming down there and bringing her home!!!