Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Orleans

After I donated to the Hard Rock we left and went to New Orleans. We parked at Boomtown Casino. And drove into town we drove around until we found the Chief's house if you followed our blogg from 2011 you well know what I am talking about. His house is a museum now and no one was around It did bring back good memory's.

Then we walked down Bourbon street it was all ready for Halloween but we decided not to stay in town for that wild night.

Most of the places were decorated

I liked this shirt.


And this was even better OMG I said I hated Figs.

This was the best one on the street the girl in the swing would swing and sing and the little guy would move around.

The dead Hollywood ball.

And lots of street performers.

This guy drags his piano around with him

This was the best dressed that I saw sorry the picture was not better but she was walking so fast I almost had to run after her to get this picture.

We headed back to the Rv and the wind came up and it got so cold I never even went to the Casino.

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