Sunday, November 2, 2014


We drove from Inverness to Biloxi it took 2 days the first night was a Walmart parking lot near Sarasota.
We went to our favorite parking spot in Biloxi The Hard Rock Casino parking lot right on the Gulf it is right beside the Casino. So if you are going that way in an RV drive to the Hard Rock its the parking lot on the west side of the building.

We pulled up right along the water and took up 5 parking spots and that was fine with them.

We watched the shrimp boats going out and come in some were out all night others were coming in around 2 so I guess when they have enough they come back to dock.

We went out for a walk and stopped at this little seafood joint had some shrimp and scallops. After we walked down to the docks and bought some shrimp. Medium for $2.50 a pound and jumbo for $4 a pound

Look at the size of them for 4 dollars a pound

Brenda got the job of cleaning them this is her feeding the gulls the heads and shells.

The night watchmen

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