Thursday, November 27, 2014

Auga Dulce

We were leaving Puebla early did not happen we started to leave at 8 but they could not get the gate open. After calling people to help them they had to take it apart to open it. So the early start never happened. Then the traffic in Puebla is crazy.
After we finally got out of town we could see this mountain with snow on top of it.

When we started down the mountain we were at 2500 meters and when we got to the bottom we were at 205. I never stepped on the gas for ad least half hour. And had it in second gear.

There was 3 tunnels see that sign it says there is a run off ramp 3 km ahead. If you lost your brakes and had to run down this mountain with all the curves and how steep it is for 3km you would have to be one of the best drivers ever.

This is the second tunnel.

and the 3rd.

And there is the run off its about 200m and the you hit this mud bank.

And my favorite food.

We came to this accident right after it happened. There was this one truck and another car there.

I got out to see if any one was hurt. No one was they were just taking every thing out of the car and putting it in another one

                                                                                                                       This is when I realized that the one car was towing the other and something happened and they hit the barrier. There was 3 other cars towing cars stopped ahead of the accident. We see a lot of this down here some one told me they go to the USA and buy cheap cars and bring them down here to sell.

I was thinking we were going to be awhile but before we knew it the little truck starts driving threw the mess so we run to the RV and follow them.

The sugar cane is flowering.

Some kind of bicycle ride was going on they had statues strapped on there backs The Virgin Mary maybe.

Finally got here it was along drive 530km. We stopped here a couple of years ago and this place was in rough shape then now This is not a stop any more you would be better to stay in a Pemex

There was no power at this box may be the fuzzes wired like that are the problem.

Found one plug that would work in this building.

There is no water but the guy brought some 5 gallon cans over for us.
This is where we parked.

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