Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Walk In The Clouds

This was on our screen door last night.
         Another day and another bug I have never seen one like this before.
Today we left the RV at 10 because it was cloudy and the guy yesterday said to show up at 11 so we went up the hill to have Breakfast. It was the normal kind of breakfast Tacos with something that I had no idea what it was, It sure was not up to par for tacos here.

This is where we parked there was a lot of Mexicans here for opening day. There was 5 of the big buses here most from Mexico city.

Check those bare legs out I told them that it would be cold up there but what do I This is Lara shopping for some thing to cover up with.

What can I say.

Beautiful right. She did buy a pair of Leggings.

Off we go this is what the first part of the trail looked like.

About half way up is where the people who pay for the horse ride up the mountain get dropped off.
This is the next part of the trail. You can make out the fog or cloud in some of the pictures.

This is another of many breaks to catch our breath the air is thin up here.

Brenda found the first Butterflies

We were way higher then we had to go last time and we were still climbing.
The girls with our guide. The guides are free but speak no English

If you look real hard you can see the village where we started. Sorry the pictures are so bad but Internet here sucks so I had to make them real small.

Lara found one and wanted to save it. It was so cold up here.

She carried that thing for the longest time.

She thought she would be able to put it with the other ones to keep warm.But we were not allowed any where near the butterflies and the guard up with them said she had to leave it here.

This is how close we could get to them these are bunches of them. My camera has a 60X zoom and this is the pictures I got see the fog.

So as you can imagine we were a little upset. And there was only about 8 trees that had butterflies on them. I asked where the rest are, With my limited Spanish, And he said that they did not have permission to go near them. Thats about all I could figure out what he was saying.

I was so cold that I left them on the mountain and headed down the cold was killing me. It was so cold up there I kept thinking I came to Mexico to get out of the cold what am I doing up here.
I was sitting in the car for about 15 minutes before they showed up. And as you can see they needed to do some shopping see Lara in the crowd.

Can you see them heading to the car with there arms full.

We stopped half way down the mountain at this little town. They had some ceremony going on all the kids were dressed up and they all had Machete's that they would bang together as they danced that was an eye opener could you just see that happening at home.

Sorry I could not upload this video.
Another cow on the road.

Check out the name of this street.



  1. Every days post has Lara and Brenda shopping! Have they run out of money yet???

  2. A bit disappointing about the butterfly sightings....not like a couple of years ago when you went. I read they were imposing stricter guidelines on tourists this year. I guess after the decline last year they want to protect the ones they have. Hopefully you find a way to get closer to them.

  3. you are having too much fun there.