Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dolores Hidalgo

Today started with a trip into San Miguelle de Allende to go to the Organic market. Today I parked at the first place we came across. It ended up on the wrong side of town so we had to walk about 12 blocks on the way we found this market but they were only selling jewelry and trinkets.

We found the Organic market and bought a bunch of vegetables or I should say the girls did. I went and bought some pastries and some cheese.

We came across this place they had about 30 of these old dugout canoes I didn't ask what they were worth.

And we stopped for coffee

This is the city with all the fancy door knobs and door knockers.

After that we went to Dolores Hidalgo first stop the first parking spot I found. Second stop ice cream see the flavors how about a beer or tequila ice cream

The church in el centro there was a wedding going on.

The girls wouldn't go in but I don't mind crashing a wedding.

To cute

Well again I parked on the wrong side of town but it was only about 6 maybe 8 blocks. This is what we came here for the pottery.

They have every kind of pottery you could think of. How about a monkey holding a beer.

I think they mass produce this stuff.

Had to put this one here guess what one Lara wanted to buy. I think Brenda talked her out of it. Good thing because there was no way I was going to drag that with me.

On the way home we stopped at Atotonilco to see  this church, The Santuario de Atotonilco. Its a pilgrimage destination for all of Mexico. Its suppose to be one of the most spectacular churches in all of Mexico.

It was pretty neat all the ceilings painted. And there was a pile of people there all with cameras they came by the bus load.

For a small town I wounder how they could ever build a church like this.

That  was it for today


  1. So I am not getting a new toilet for Christmas? :( I believe some of the pottery is probably mass produced but I did read that there are still a lot of independent artists making pottery right in front of you. Maybe that was the next street That church is gorgeous. hmmmmmm Cheese....was it good?

  2. All that I saw was a couple of people painting them. And I never saw any ovens to Bake them. And believe me we walked the next street over. Sorry no toilet for Christmas. And the cheese was good but cost way to much. This is such a grengo town so many Canadian and Americans live here that the prices are way to high.

  3. I guess it was a mistake for me to NOT stowaway when you left. Now I have to see if Shirley and Rob will let me pitch a tent behind them.

    1. I think you you should its going to be some time before we get there.