Monday, November 17, 2014

El Charco Del Ingenio

OK so we didn't head down the road today and we never went to town last night every one was to tired. So we made the executive decision to stay another day.
So today we went to El Charco Del Ingenio ( Botanical Garden )
The plants are all from Mexico. So most were Cactus. Some were pretty spectacular.

They had trails threw the property. This is a large park there is a man made lake. I think the lake was the water supply for the city at one time but not anymore. They had a bunch of benches along the trails.

This was the biggest grasshopper I have ever seen. It had to be 3 to 4 inches long. It was sitting on Caster Beans. And the girls collected a  bunch of them I said isn't that what they make poison out of and they both laughed so I said are you trying to kill me off and they both said you better keep in line or you might find out. So from now on eat or drink nothing that they give me.

This is below the dam.

Came across another one of these California squirrels.

Lara at the edge of a cliff it was only about a 30 foot drop.

I loved the color of this moss didn't come out as good with the camera.

Nice butterfly

And a red dragonfly.

They sure look serious

Brenda getting brave walking to edge 

This cross was about 30 feet down to it or 20 feet from the bottom someone went to a lot of work to put it there.

I talke Lara into going ahead and standing on the edge of the cliff it was about 100 feet to the bottom but this is as close as she would get.

There is a pool down there and the sign says it all nothing I can add

Pictures do this no justice.

More cactus

I even know the name of this one it a Barrel cactus used to make candy

The happy girl on the bench

At the end of the park you can look out over the city.

Tomorrow its down the road


  1. Gerry...quit telling my daughter to stand at the edge of a cliff. If you are getting tired of her just put her on a plane and send her home. lol

    1. I am just trying to get her to scare the crap out of her mother.

    2. Well you just stop it!!!

  2. Where are you heading next? What date do you think you will end up at Xpu-Ha? We cross the border tomorrow but like you have a lot of places to visit. Our plans are to get there the first week of December, if all goes as planned.

  3. Hey John it looks like around the first week or early in the second week.