Saturday, November 8, 2014


Today was an easy day. We were up early so we did a load of laundry.
And then took our time to pack up.
I got busy talking to the neighbors so Brenda did most of the packing. Its funny we were there 5 days or was it 7 what ever as you start packing the neighbors show up to chat. Its like they might miss something if they don't run over and say good bye. We had a long drive today 56 kilometers so it took no time at all I even stopped and filled the propane tank and the gas it was 2.56 a gallon not bad that's like 68 cents a liter. We are in this fancy campground they have a lake all lots are paved and the INTERNET is almost as good as at home. A heated pool 85 degrees and the nicest showers I have seen in a campground. the price is $55 we got it half price with passport America but that is way more then we are willing to pay in most places we are cheap.

This is the little lake

Then we went to the Airport to pick up Lara. She was happy to see us this was her first flight by herself.

Tomorrow we are off to Laredo hope its for only one night. I was looking at the weather and they are calling for rain for 5 days so I guess we are getting wet.
After diner we went out for desert this is the restaurant right behind the park.
I was all for this but they wanted sweets and the restaurant didn't have an ingredient list so I couldn't eat there.

So guess where we went so I could watch them eat because they have no ingredient list either

Both of them thought it was funny. We only had to run across an 8 lane hwy I guess Ice cream is worth getting run over for.

The fountain in the lake

I liked the moon



  1. Hmmm , 8 lane hwy for ice cream? Hope it was good.

  2. First day and you guys are letting my daughter run across a 8 lane highway! "We "travel safe, don't worry". Right. lol But I do understand that there is no stopping her when ice cream is involved.