Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ants and more Ants

What a fun day... Woke up went to put on the coffee and there was ants all over the counter so spent 5 minutes killing them then put on the coffee. I always go for a walk with my coffee in the morning so after about half an hour I get back and Brenda was up and making her coffee and I say did you see any ants. So we start looking and there are ants every place you looked. I went out side and found a 12 lane highway running up our power cable into the RV. So I put some poison around it and then find more coming up the gas line from the BBQ. More poison well its really some kind of chalky stuff. So then we decide we need to go and get some ant killer for inside the motor home off to the Hardware store buy a a bunch of different kinds.

We started with some little trays with liquid in them and put some of the liquid around in different places.

Within 30 minutes they were coming and going from the stuff its for them to take back to there nest and kill the Queen. So we left it out and went for a drive to walmart bought some groceries and other junk we need Because you know they won't have it in Mexico why I always believe that story they always have it in Mexico. After a couple of hours most of the ants were gone Brenda figured there was only about 1 million left so we sprayed them and the washed the entire RV even had to wash all the sheets. But it seemed to work have not seen one for hours but it is dark in here.

Even had a walk down to the lake during all that

Got a few bird pictures

Not sure what this is maybe a Nuthatch if not someone correct me.

Its going to be fun sleeping tonight because I keep thinking I can feel ants crawling all over me.
One good thing as Brenda keeps saying Sally has never been so clean.


  1. Good thing you got the ants under control and Sally all cleaned up.

  2. We haven't seen a single ant yet today.....I think we have the licked! Lesson learned.

  3. Sorry for all your troubles, but it sounds like you have all under control. I love your cover picture! Ironic that Gerry took Paul's cover pic. Have fun, you two and don't let the bugs bite.

  4. Yes, that is a White Breasted Nuthatch. The nuthatch is the ONLY bird that goes upside down! :)

  5. Yikes! You know, you should really deal with that as soon as possible. Those infestations have ways of creeping into your structures and tipping their balance. You should move into action ASAP and take out all these little critters before it's too late. Try consulting the services of pest control people, so that you'll know what to use to rid of those. All the best!

    Debra Owen @ Invader