Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Today we went to Tepoztlan to see the ruins.
If you look you can see it on top of the mountain It is a 2 mile walk to the top
We parked near centro right out side the church this is the church from the back.
They have a large market so we had to walk threw that to. You know the girls might need to buy more junk.

This was the side entrance to the church. This mural was made out of seeds.

Pretty neat.

See the corn on his wrist. and his vest the red popcorn I don't know the other kinds of seeds.

See  the hill ahead that is where we are going to the top. So we walked another mile just to get to the bottom of the hill.

This is a large tree that you can walk threw. Do you see me I am in there.
Lara walking threw it.

This is at the end of all the booths the girls finally got threw them. I am up the hill waiting.

This is what the first part was like easy steps well not easy walk up steps for 20 minutes and tell me how easy they are.

The views were breath taking I do not think the camera does them justice.

Check the roots growing over the rocks.

This is what the second part of the path looked like.

Brenda resting see her laying her head on the rocks.

This is almost at the top they have a gate to keep people out when they are not up there.

This is about 100 feet from the top. Resting again this took us an hour to get up here.

Looking down to wards town. Like I said the camera just does not show it half as good as it is.

Brenda makes it to the top and a Coatimundi tries to get in her back pack looking for food.

Great view.

This picture is zoomed in to show the houses at the bottom.

I am standing on the ruins looking down at Lara she is finally done playing with the  Coatimundi.

I climbed up and took this picture at the top. There was a sign saying not to climb them but after climbing that far how do you not climb the last 20 feet.

Another great view.

Lara at the edge it was a bit scary being that close looking down a few hundred feet.

Yes I am a bad influence on your daughter now I got her ignoring the peligrosa sign (danger,danger keep out) I even showed her how to get past the barb wire to get up there.

This is all that is up here but the views were the best part. So if you ever get the chance go see it.

See what I was saying stand on the side and looking down a little scary.

After we got back down it only took 40 minutes to climb down we stopped for Lunch or diner not sure it was 3.30.

Tomorrow we are moving on there is another ruins close to here but I made the decision to move on the no-seeums are chewing me up and I did not sleep last night I was to busy scratching to sleep. But it was not only me Lara's legs look like she has 50 bites on them and Brenda is not much better.


  1. Had to add this to our places to see in Mexico, somehow this is one we have missed along the way. Looks like beautiful countryside and great views from the top.


  2. If you are in the area its worth the stop the views were great.