Friday, December 5, 2014

A day at Xpu Ha

Today we decided to hang around the camp ground. We went for a walk up the beach. The plan was to walk to the old ruins. Saw a few of these today.

It is a nice walk you walk on rocks that at one time were at the bottom of the ocean. So you see all kinds of shells and coral. Brenda says she is going to go back with a chisel and break this out I got to see this. If she does it I will video it for you.

We came across this oil spill it was a good size and I am sure it will never be cleaned up.

This is the old ruins along the beach. Its about a mile from us. And no one really knows any thing about it.

The shell collector see her hands full

 Another pic of the ruins

Some of the locals lucked out with this a boat washed up. They have carved some paddles. And use it for fishing.

The days take. Lara and her treasures.

Then we went out for diner to Pizza Leo's. That is always a fun night with the walk around town after.

The kids kept coming to the doorway and they would have a box decorated and they would sign a song all for a few pesos. It was fun to watch them at first but they never stopped coming there is a lot of kids in this town.

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