Monday, March 4, 2013

The road to Castaways RV Resorts - Willis, Texas

We've done a lot of driving since we left Palenque, and now it is time to rest up for a week.   On our way down the north/east coast of Mexico, the road were horrible.   When we mentioned that to others whom we had met in Mexico that had come down the east coast, we sometimes got strange looks and were told that they didn't think the roads were all that bad.   Well, we took a slightly different route coming north up the east coast, and the roads were not bad at all.   Thank you John Kobak for sharing your knowledge with us,  our backs thank you, and both Myrtle and Albert thank you!!!          


The highway going in the other direction was backed up for about a mile with this procession.  

Going through the toll booths on the Houston tollway, there is a lane for people without the exact change.   We highly recommend anyone in an RV take that lane.   The lane for cars with the exact change were not quite as wide as Myrtle.   Well, it was as wide as Myrtle if she didn't have an awning.

Grind, screech....oh we go forward or backward?   Hundreds of cars behind us...and only a few more  feet forward to get past the narrow tollbooth.    

I do believe the damage is reparable, but not today, probably not tomorrow.  It is time to rest.   

   We are in Willis, Texas at Castaways RV Resort.   I can't imagine what we were thinking, leaving a little town about 45 minutes south of Houston, heading north at 8:15 a.m.   Thankfully rush hour in Houston doesn't compare to rush hour in Toronto, so it only cost us about an extra 1/2 hour or so.

   We arrived this morning, set up Myrtle and have done nothing else but meet a few of our neighbours, two couples who are also from Ontario, Susie and Eric who lives here in his trailer alone and year round.

Until now, we had only met George and Susie online through our blogs.   They knew we were going to show up here from our last blog entry.   

Eric has special needs and was having a challenge with his heater/air conditioner and television.   Between George, Susie, Gerry and I we got him up and running with a television in his living room and bedroom, and taught him how to use his furnace and air conditioning unit.    He is indeed thankful, and very happy.   With that, we feel like today has been a good day.


  1. Glad you were able to meet up with George and Suzie. We too have only met them through our blogs. Happy to hear that you were able to help out a fellow RVer, I am sure he really appreciates the assistance.

    Enjoy the rest!

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Hey it was great to meet you guys finally, had a great day too. Some day we will meet Kevin and Ruth as well, we have been close a few times.
    So nice that we got Eric up and running too.