Monday, March 11, 2013

4 days in Willis

We had big plans to hike around this area, but instead we both ate some Texan sausage that didn't agree with either one of us.    Other than a bit of shopping and a hair make over we didn't venture very far from Myrtle since Thursday.  

Gerry came down with a 3 day migraine on Saturday.   Sunday afternoon he pushed through it and we walked for 5.3 kilometers around the campground.  Sunday night and this morning Gerry's migraine was debilitating, but by this afternoon it had settled down enough that he could function again.   Did the walking worsen his migraine, or would it have been even worse if he hadn't walked?  He is determined to get into good enough shape for El Camino de Santiago, so he did another 5.6 kilometer walk around the campground before dinner.    This time it seems to have agreed with him and he is feeling pretty good right now.   It is hard to know what is going to help or hinder his recovery from a migraine.   The jury is still out as to whether going for a walk is helpful or harmful.   Over the next few weeks we will probably have enough data to jump to a conclusion.   

We bought a sports gps (Magellen eXplorist 500) several years ago, but since both our health went down hill we never ended up putting it to use.   We brought it with us on this trip, hoping to do some hiking, so I dug it out a couple of weeks ago and we are trying to figure out how to use it properly.  We are hoping we can figure out a way to upload waypoints from others who have experienced El Camino de Santiago, or at least figure out how to import a spreadsheet.    I am sure the coordinates are available somewhere if we want to key them in.   

 Gerry came back from his walk today quite proud of himself for figuring out a few aspects of the GPS (which to date has been unnamed).     I suspect it will become an important tool over the next few weeks. 

I didn't walk with him today.   Yesterday's walk was too hard on my knees and back and by the end of it my left leg was experiencing drop foot.    I crushed my sciatic nerve 11 years ago and did permanent damage.   I was unable to move my left foot at all for a long time, but unless you pay close attention you would never know it to watch me.  It is hard work to move my left ankle though, and once it tires you can not only see it, you can hear it because my left foot slaps down with every step.   Every so often I think that I would like to go to Spain with Gerry, but then I am reminded of my multiple health challenges. .           


 To combat boredom I decided to dye my hair a purplish shade of brown.   It is pretty weird when I see my reflection in the mirror out of the corner of my eye.....who the heck is that dark haired person in my motorhome!!!!   Lol

Tomorrow we are going to turtle on own the road.    We are going to spend one night near the mouth of the Natchez Trace, then store Myrtle there for 5 days while we take Albert down to New Orleans.   


  1. Its been great meeting you guys here and hope to catch up again back in Ontario this summer.
    Travel safe and enjoy N'awlins and the Natchez Trace.
    Nice hair color too.

  2. Hey Brenda... great hairdo! Hey Gerry... great perseverance! Have a great time in New Orleans and other spots along and outta the way. C.