Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Testing the bb playbook

I am sorry we haven't bogged in a while.    I have a couple of blogs to do on our stopover in New Orleans on the way home...but not tonight.   I have too many pictures to choose from, and have to jog my memory!

 We are home now, and Gerry is as determined as ever to walk the Camino de  Santiago.    He is trying to figure out how to keep up a blog while there without bringing a heavy, bulky computer in his backpack...so I am testing the blogging  capabilities of the bb playbook.
 this is an old picture we took on our way home in 2012...it just happens to be on the playbook, so I used it to test uploading.    argh...the autocorrect is driving me nuts, and I am sure Gerry will find it very annoying.   Now for the final test.....will this publish?


  1. Yep it did , good luck!
    Home already? brrr...

  2. No kidding George! It's bloody freezing here! We were really enjoying the Trace, but there was a cold front coming through and it just seemed silly to sit around when we could come home to the same weather. It is nice to be home. :)