Monday, May 20, 2013

Gerry's Camino

It's been some time since I blogged, and I still have New Orleans, the Natchez Trace and our travelling expenses and distance to catch up on.    However, those blogs can still wait, but the news that Gerry is going on a Pilgrimage needs to shared before he actually leaves!

May 29th, Gerry is heading to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago.   He has booked 42 days for this journey.    

For a while I really didn't think he would go through with it. Plane tickets can be cancelled, but once you start a blog...well there is no turning back. lol
I have to hand it to him, with debilitating migraines at least 3 times a week and a pain disorder he has decided that if he doesn't do it now.....he may never get a chance to do it. He's been practicing walking and at times finds he can just put on sunglasses, put his head down and let his body take over when a migraine is setting in, or when it is starting to clear up. 

I won't be going with him, as much as I'd love to, my back and knees just can't handle it. 

Gerry has started a new blog to take us all on his journey with him.   I hope you all will follow him with me.

Gerry started practicing while we were camping along the Natchez Trace.   I think he is addicted to walking now.   On days he doesn't walk he almost seems lost.    

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