Saturday, November 23, 2013

Carrollton, Kentucky

The good news is we found a mechanic to take a look at Myrtle.  The bad news, is he can't look at her until Monday.   I do have RV CAA, which is a sister to AAA.   I should be able to have her towed without a problem; however, it really is better to stay in the Walmart parking lot for two more nights than it would be to sit in the mechanics parking lot for the weekend.    Here we sit.   I will call first thing Monday morning.

We are guessing it is the water pump, and coincidentally it appears something is going on with the fuel injection or fuel pump at the same time, or perhaps just crap in the fuel.

So, what to do in Carrollton, Kentucky?   The answer is not much.

Apparently the only tourist attraction in this town is the Butler-Turpin State Historic House located in the Butler State Park.    It was unimpressive from the outside, and there didn't appear to be any tours going on this late in the season, so we didn't get to go inside.

We were treated with the sight of a magnificent buck.   Unfortunately, I had the wrong lens on my camera so you have to look at the above two pictures very closely.

Kentucky is a beautiful state, but it is getting too late in the year for the autumn colours and too early for the snow covered winter scenes.    


Once we had seen everything there is to see in Carrollton, we came back to Myrtle and set up the satellite dish.    We are all nice and snuggled inside watching the temperature plummet outside.   It is going to get down to -4 Celcius here tonight.      


  1. Hope you get Myrtle repaired soon and back on the road. Still pretty cool here in Glen Rose , no need to rush.

  2. Thanksgiving pot luck here this Wednesday at 12 noon.

    1. Sadly, there is not chance in anyone's hell that we will make it to Glen Rose by Wednesday, or even Thursday, or even Friday at this point. We are heading over to the mechanics at about 11:00 a.m. to find out what's going on with Myrtle.