Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Gerry and I have had to postpone our trip for a while.   We aren't sure when we will be leaving home.   A family member is not well and we do not want to be far from home for now.

It snowed here yesterday!!  Not very much, but it is staying on the ground in our neighbourhood.   Just two kilometers away it is all melted.   We are worried about Myrtle's pipes freezing, but are hoping by keeping the furnace on very low everything should be fine.    She isn't winterized and we are taking a chance, but the long range forecast doesn't show anything below -3 at night and generally above 0 during the days.

We'll keep you posted, but I don't expect to be leaving for at least a week and perhaps a few weeks.



  1. Sorry to hear and hope for a speedy recovery for your family member. If you have a kitchen sink spray in myrtle, take it apart so there is no water in it. We broke ours and it was only -1o.

    1. Thanks John.
      Sadly, there is no longer hope for recovery. End stage breast cancer is unrelenting. Now, all that can be done is to keep her comfortable, love her and wait.

      We don't have a kitchen sink spray, so one less thing to worry about! :)

  2. Sorry the hear about the family issues. Good luck with not winterizing Myrtle.

  3. Sorry to hear of your family member being so seriously ill. We just winterized as we didn't want to have any surprises.