Thursday, October 27, 2011

5 days to go

I was sick yesterday so no Blog.Dam I hate Migraines.....And today I had to go to a funeral.An old friend, I use to work on his farm when i was young.Brought back old memories from long ago.
I remember driving the tractor bringing in the hay and I was so young I had to stand on the clutch with both feet to be able to push it in.  They were always yelling at me for letting it out too fast.  I also remember when we would bring in the corn silage and we had to go in the silo and tramp it down while they were blowing it in. When it got to the top we had to put snow fences 2 high around the top.  When it was full i had to climb down the fence to the ladder.  It was only 50 feet to the ground.Could you imagine letting your kids do that today?  Old memories..
Found out today the generator cant be fixed so we are leaving with out one.
The only thing I did today was get all my drugs ready for the trip. Boy that's a lot of drugs.I think I'm an old person.
And I put my winter coat in the Turtle. OH ya i stopped at the Bank and got some American money it's sure nice having the dollar at par.

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