Friday, October 21, 2011

Count down 11 days till take off

We are sitting in Crystal Beach trying to think what we need to take with us.Or not take.Move from one pile to the other,we might need it but we might not.I think someone should make a list of things that you well never use but everyone takes.
We are waiting for the generator to be fixed.Then we need to figure how to hook it to the back of the Turtle.Along with the bikes and lawn chairs.Oh ya a gas can,one more to the list.Then lock them so they don't disappear the first night.
And blogging I cant even spell and grammer I have heard of that some place.So Right here and now I'm apologising for all the errors to come,Then again if you can't take it no one is making you read this.
The idea is to let you all know where we are and what we did every day.But we will have to be able to get an Internet connection so we might miss a day here and there.So don't worry if we are not on here every day.
OK enough for today.Back to the piles, the leave here is way too small.

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