Tuesday, October 25, 2011

7 more sleeps

Oh my goodness...only 1 week until we begin our journey Turtling on Down the Road. Yikes!

I am so excited, yet nervous. Neither Gerry nor I are very healthy and we are broke! I think if the two of us can do this, then anyone can. Gerry suffers from intense, long lasting, frequent migraines and has a pain disorder. I have a bad back, nasty knees and am on medication for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. Good thing we love each other, because I’m telling you...we are high maintenance! J

With Gerry’s pain disorder we have learned that the cold intensifies his pain, so it makes sense that we go south for the winter. We live in Crystal Beach, a small cottage community where most people come to only for the summer. Our little home will not stand out all boarded up for the winter, in fact we always stood out until this winter. Only a few neighbours stay to endure the snow, and lack of services during the winter.

Our plan is to drive only short bursts at a time, and hole up whenever we have to. There are a lot of RV campsites along our route, and many places don't mind if you pull over and park on their property for a night. After a two or three week layover in New Orleans we will eventually make it the 2,900 miles to a little Mexican town called Aticama on the west coast.

I can’t imagine being away from my family for the whole winter, so thankfully we have to fly home for a few doctor’s appointments that just happen to fall around Christmas time and my grandsons 12th birthday in February. I think I can handle 6 weeks at a time away....maybe....oh I am going to be homesick! Gerry thinks we should come home for a week at a time, I think three weeks sounds good! Maybe we will comprise. Thank goodness for the internet. I will have to get used to Skype.

I love Mexico. I sure hope it’s going to love me! Yup, I am very very excited...but yet so trepidatious.

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