Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rain rain and more rain.

This morning we just sat around and watched the weather warnings they were saying a chance of tornado's so didn't do much when the rain stopped for a bit we did our walk around the park then went for a drive into town. The first place we came to was a fruit market. We just loved this place they had all organic and lots of free samples.
I have never seen these Gourds before they looked like a Swan.


Now if this isn't organic I do not know what is.

No Officer I was only eating pickles

They had all kinds of thing where you buy a jar and fill it and return when you need more, every thing from olive oil to salad dressings.

Then we did some artsy types of stores and some antique shops and then checked out the old Jail or Gaol
Built in 1807 If you killed someone or some other bad offense you were put in the bottom cells with no windows. But if you were drunk or some other minor thing you got the top floor with a view.

Click on the next 2 pictures and read about this Sheriff he was quite the guy.

I guess they new I was in town Old Grouch

when I saw the next 2 pictures I thought of you Bernita no idea why just did.


  1. I honestly have no idea why those pictures would remind you of me Gerry?? hmmmmm

  2. Enjoying your time on the road, have fun.

    1. Thanks George its good to be on the road again