Friday, October 10, 2014

Tomorrow we start our winter

    Here we go again, As you can see its not Turtle new name Sally and no Smart car we have an old Tracker.

Tomorrow morning we hit the road. We are traveling to Florida first. Brenda has to go for the International Dragon Boat event. It starts on the 21st and ends on the 27th. So we have lots of time to get there. We are going to spend a few days in Georgia and a few in Inverses before we go to Sarasota for the event, After that I want to stop in Blioxi for a few days of gambling then to Houston to pick up our Niece (she is going to spend the winter traveling around Mexico with us) Then we are crossing at the Columbia bridge and heading south with a few dozen stops before Christmas hoping to be in Xpu ha for Christmas. After that we will be heading south then west and up the west coast. All big plans if it happens great if we get side tracked great we have the winter just to travel around.


  1. Noce tp hear you are getting back on the road. good luck and travel safe.

  2. Great!! Looking forward to travelling along with you and all your upcoming adventures. Hopefully, lots of pics.

  3. Waiting for you in Florida, but envious that you are going to continue on to Xpu-Ha. You'll have to check your compartments to make sure I haven't stowed away.