Monday, October 20, 2014

Wikee Wachi

Nothing much yesterday I had a migraine all that I saw was this Hawk after the squirrels never did get one.

Today was a better day we went kayaking with Helen and Paul.
here they are

Saw a few turtles

See how clear the water is the river it is all spring fed.

Here is proof that I was really here

Click on this picture and check this out. They almost flipped it on that branch stuck between them.

Paul just taking it easy.

And this is why we came here to see the Manatees

What a thrill one was under our boat and I was sure it was going to flip us.

There was 4 of them in this group.

The one was so close we could touch it.

This was a great day it took a few hours to float down the river. We saw a deer along the bank but was to slow to take a picture. Another couple saw an otter we didn't that would of been great. And Paul saw a Bobcat in the yard last night. It has been fun being here tomorrow we go to Sarasota for the Dragon boat festival.


  1. Sounds like you had a fun day on the river.

  2. Peggy & I love those Northern FL spring fed rivers. When you head south try kayaking with the alligators at Myaka State Park.
    We like E.G. Simons
    and Lithia Springs:

    1. thanks John if we have time we will check them out.