Monday, February 18, 2013

Are you ready for Adventure - part 2

Last night the kids headed to Tulum for their last night on the Yucatan Peninsula.    Today they plan to do some more snorkeling with sea turtles in Akumal.   Gerry and I stayed in Piste, because it is time for us to Turtle on down the road and start our homeward bound journey. 

Oh my goodness I cried watching the kids drive away, and on and off for hours afterward.   This morning, my heart is still heavy.   I've had such a fabulous time, and miss them so much when I am away.   I am indeed fortunate.   I had the best vacation of my life, the only downside was Gerry was not well.   We attribute that to the discomfort of the beds at the Mayan Palace and too much air conditioning.   

The last four days have been action packed.     Thursday was an early morning rise for the last day at the Mayan Palace and on the Riviera.   Packed into these last four days we managed to check out the flamingos, snorkel at Yal Ku, walk on the beach in Xpu Ha,  and see the ruins of Ek Balam, Chichen Itza and Uxmal.

We woke up on Thursday morning to Chakalaka's fighting for the admiration of the lady Chakalaka. 

A last walk around the Mayan Palace treated us to an orange Iguana

and orange flamingoes.   In captivity they mustn't get the same diet that causes their pink colouring.

You can check out my facebook page for more pictures of this beautiful ground level cenote.

Ek Balam was a treat, just turned north at Valladolid for a detour from our route to Chichen Itza.  I managed to climb this structure, but was too much a baby to stand up for the picture!   

To see more pictures of Ek Balam check out my facebook page:

Chichen Itza is well known for their gods with impressive noses.

Chichen Itza.     I thought I had a facebook page with pictures from here, but I do not.  I will update this when I get them organized and uploaded.


Without a doubt Uxmal is my favourite of the ruins I have seen.   I was eager for the kids to get the opportunity to see it.   It was a long drive inland, but worth every ache and pain!

I highly recommend going to Uxmal and spending at least one night in the hotel at the ruins.   It was convenient,  beautiful,  inexpensive, clean and had a very good restaurant.   

It was hard to get pictures of the night show because I don't have a tripod and I am not a talented photographer.   I did manage to get this shot of them highlighing the snake.  


There are a lot of pathways heading off from the main areas of the ruins.   Gerry and I didn't explore very many of them when we were there,.   The kids and I found some interesting things I did not see on my first trip to Uxmal. 

When the Mayans left their cities, first they buried the structures in dirt and rubble in order to keep them for their return.   Every time we see a big mound, we wonder what is under it.

Yet another path...we wondered what was up there, so Adrian scouted it out for us.    He came upon a structure partially excavated.  It was too high for my likings, so the kids went up and took some shots looking down over the ruins. 

What on earth could be under this huge pile of dirt and rubble?  So intriguing!!!

I have many pictures of Uxmal from my first visit in November 2012 on my way to the Yucatan.  See this facebook page:

Eventually I will get all my pictures sorted out and uploaded, for now I need to rest!!!!


  1. Where are you now?
    Where are you headed next?

  2. We are in Izamal. The owner was asking when you were here, because we told him we heard of this place through you.

    Tomorrow we head to Campeche, then on to Escarcega and then Palenque. After that we don't know yet.

    When are you leaving Xpu Ha?

    1. We were there 2 years ago. We heard they have a new gate now. How was it getting in there? Did you like the place? If you think it was windy there you ought to been here on the beach the last two days. VERY windy. It's still 10 days before we leave. We decided to do the East coast route so we don't go up the mountain to Puebla. Have fun.Hope Gerry is doing better since out the A/C hotel.

  3. The W cordinate is OK, You mad a mistake on the North.
    Try 20.92951° -89.00805°

    1. You are right!
      I took coordinates twice, once at each gate.
      The RV entrance is at the corner of 16 & 33
      20.92961 -89.00762