Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hidden Worlds - Highly Recommended

Ever since I read about Hidden Worlds in December I have wanted to go.    Gerry is claustrophobic and with his pain disorder cannot go in cold water, so cenotes are not for him. 

 Our son Adrian, daughter-in-law Morgan, and grandson Trent all said they wanted to go, so I have been waiting for them to arrive to experience this delightful place. 

They arrived on Friday Feb. 8th, we went on Saturday Feb. 9th.   They picked that day because the visit from our granddaughter Maddy overlapped with theirs and she was interested in this excursion as well.

It was worth every second of the wait.   We had researched different excursions for a physical interaction/adventure with Mayan culture and nature.  Xplore was it's number one contender and seemed like it would be fun, but is not authentic.    We are very happy with our choice.

We began our exploration with a Mayan limo ride to the perfect cenote  through the jungle. 

Here is  Maddy .....this is what she has to say about Hidden Worlds

"I had an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G time! They were the best zip lining activities I have ever done! The zipcoaster was my favourite by far! They had so many different kinds of zip lining. The cycling was very interesting, also a really good work out. Our guides made the experience ten times better. They were so funny and friendly! Almario was an excellent limo driver & gave the best  massages in the entire world. haha"

Here is Trent, and this is what he has to say about Hidden Worlds

"Everyone had a blast! The staff was sooooo friendly and all of the activities were great! Doing everything is HIGHLY recommended."

That's Adrian.  He had nothing but praise, and will be adding his two cents to this blog later.    

 Morgan has this to say about Hidden Worlds

"This experience will go down as one of the best of our lives I'm sure. The staff of Hidden Worlds were all friendly and helpful every step of the way. Our guide Armilo was hilarious, friendly and knowledgeable. He made us feel safe and comfortable despite the terrifying activities we were undertaking. My favourite part was snorkeling in the cave of the cenote. It was really neat to see the root of the Alamo tree dangling down and drinking the water. I can not speak highly enough of this experience. If you are in the Mayan Rivera it is a must. Skip the big corporation run zip lining parks and head straight to the Mayan run Hidden Worlds. I guarantee you will have an amazing time." 

The first experience was zipling frontwards down and into this beautiful  and dark cenote.   You weren't quite sure when you were going to hit the water.    Next, they sent everyone down backwards into it.   


The second experience was repelling down through another hole in the ground, which led to the same cenote. Trent was brave and went first..he's .looking just a little trepidatious.

Armelo was up to his tricks...convincing Morgan there was an equipment problem and he was going to cut her loose!  

 Maddy couldn't be happier. 

Anyone who knows Adrian, knows that he never poses for a picture.   He was having so much fun he not only didn't mind the camera pointed in his direction, he even encouraged it.

Hidden Worlds boasts the worlds only zipcoaster through the jungle, into a water slide, with a splashdown into the depths of cenote.  I would not be surprised if there is nothing like this anywhere.  

The water rushes out of Mayan water slide as the zipcoaster crashes through it. 

You can't help but be humbled looking at the approximately 450 million year old formations.
Snorkeling through the caves which are a part of Dos Ojos cavern system, was the perfect activity for me.   

The Alamo tree roots hang down from the ceiling just barely touching the water.   It is surprising how many little fish are swimming around in the darkness as you navigate around the stalagmites.    Shining the flashlight on the ceiling uncovers stalactites and bats.

The next adventure has you in a hanging bicycle for 500 meters above the jungle,   

then another 500 meters through the caves.   

They teased Maddy about being "Mayan sized" as they had to put a second cushion in her bicycle so she could reach the peddles.

Adrian is taller than the average Mayan at 6' 3" and had to scrunch up a bit to fit into the cycle, but as you can see from the smile on his face, it didn't take away from the amazing experience one bit. 

We were treated to a delightful meal before they loaded us back into the limo for the final leg of the adventure through the jungle back to the parking lot.    

If you are ever in the Mayan Riviera you must drop in to Hidden Worlds for an adventure you will never forget.    On the 307, north of Tulum, south of Chemuyil you will find yourself a place of wonder and delight.


  1. Sounds like a great place.
    Did you get Albert back?
    Tell Maddy it was nice meeting her. Stop by Xpu-Ha with your family if you drive past to say hello.

  2. Yes! We did get Albert back, and fixed too! YAY!
    John, shoot me an email so I can have your email addy to send you that picture. I'm sorry, I guess I gave you the ones I already resized.

    I am planning to stop by Xpu Ha. It all depends on timing.

    1. The pictures you gave me were fine. In fact I put in my most recent blog. That was an old comment. I can't find your e-mail address. Send me an e-mail -, then I'll have yours.

  3. Another fantastic blog from the Queen of Blogs. I am envious of your talent. We're so glad that you are all having such a great time. Eh?

    Paul and Helen