Thursday, February 14, 2013

Are you Ready for Adventure?

This family is not one for hanging around the resorts.  In the last four days the kids have snorkeled in Cozumel and attended Cozumel Carnival, snorkeled with sea turtles twice, visited two ruins (Tulum and Coba) and an underground cave (Kantunchi).    




I haven't included the pictures from inside Tulum because I blogged about Tulum a couple of weeks ago when my sister Barbara was here.   You can find that blog here: 

There is nothing like a coco-frios on a hot day.  It was nice to see all four fingers and a thumb on the man wielding the machete.  

We took the snorkel tour from Tulum because that is the only way you can see a couple of the structures. 

Akumal Beach


Trent has an underwater camera built into his mask.  It was awesome to have some pics of the snorkeling experience.   One day I have to invest in an underwater camera.   The memories are precious, but so hard to hang onto without documentation.

Maddy goes home

Maddy left us on Tuesday the 12th of February.    Reluctantly, the kids gave each other a hug so I could take a picture.  


The visibility is amazing in the cenotes.   You can see from top to bottom at great depths. 

Morgan's is delighted to see a little spider monkey.  

It almost killed Morgan to let Trent hand the monkey the banana.   For hours afterward she would think about this moment and blurt out "TRENT!   You fed a spider monkey!!!"

Kantunchi is a beautiful underground cave system and eco park, with several cenotes you can swim, kayak or snorkel in.    This is the entrance to the cave tour.    There were huge open  young cenotes on our tour, joined together by crevices often so close to the ceiling you had to swim through, and others with very high ceilings.    


Morgan, Adrian and Trent prepared to climb the Yucatan's highest ruin. 

Trent and Adrian made it to the top quickly.

Morgan overcame her terror after sitting 1/3 of the way up.   Trent and Adrian are excited to see her reach the top. 

The three of them waving from the top. 

They climbed around to the side; no one else seemed to be venturing that way. 


We are staying at the Mayan Palace just north of Playa del Carmen, but we have not even seen what the resort has to offer yet.   I am not sure, but perhaps today we will spend a little bit of time here. 

They have kept me busy.    By the end of the day I have been too tired to even look at the pictures, let along blog.   The kids will be here another 3 days, today being the last day on the Mayan Riviera.   Tomorrow we will head inland to see more amazing ruins, namely, Chichen Itza and Uxmal.    

  Gerry has had a 3 day migraine.   He can't take the air conditioning or the extremely firm beds.   Last night Gerry slept in Myrtle and seems to be feeling a bit better today.     

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