Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Campeche - Ecovillas Kin Ha & RV

Church's book points to Kin Ha Aquatica as one of the three campgrounds in Campeche.   It is closed and across the street from the Ecovillas Kin Ha.   They seem to be the same owners.    Strangely there is water in the pool across the street and quite a few workers, but they sent us to the Ecovilla's Kin Ha.   There is a small pool which was very refreshing.   The cost is 250 pesos per night and it has electricity and water.   You have to dump across the street at the old campground.  

In 1686 the government built a wall around Campeche to stop the constant barrage of attacks by buccaneers and pirates.   We had to find a laudromat, so we decided to take a tour of Campeche.

It is nice to be away from the high prices of the Mayan Riviera.   The laundry costs 7 pesos per kilo here,  which is close to half the price we have been paying for the last 3 months.   For twice the price you can put a rush on it.   We had 10 kilos of laundry done in 5 hours for 140 pesos.      

On the way back from our tour we stopped to pick up a cooked chicken.   For 90 pesos we got 1 1/2 fully cooked chickens, coleslaw (very hot), peppers, taco shells, salsa and a macaroni salad.   We have more than half leftover after we both ate our fill.   Delicious!   


  1. Hola Brenda and Jerry,

    Campeche... what, you passed by Merida again?! Kidding. Well according to Jerry, and others, once you visit Merida you never leave. I dream that will be the case for me one day.

    I've enjoyed reading your blog. Nice to see your comment on having the best vacation ever with your family. Sorry Jerry wasn't 100%. I do have to say that it seems like the Caribbean Coast is more to your liking.

    And, you're heading north... where did those 4 months go? Really, don't hurry home to CB... cold, windy, blah - yet, still full of character(s).

    A friend on FB posted some photos today of refurbished/redesigned RVs. And I thought Airstreams were cool - check out some of these vintage vehicles... on a rainy day home through middle America!

    www.facebook.com/RVupgradestore and click on photos.

    Be well you guys and safe travels,


    1. Thanks Carrie. I will look at those.

      Actually, we both prefer the west coast for the whole winter, the Mayan is beautiful, but has little to offer Gerry who doesn't go in the water.

      I'd redo that vacation any day though!

      Merida....sigh...twice I tried to get Gerry to go, tried to get my sister to go, and tried to get the kids to go...no one was interested. I may never spend any time there. :)

    2. Sigh is right. Looks like I'll have to bunk in with you guys next trip - two against one! Sorry Gerry (with a G!)