Thursday, February 7, 2013

Last day in Xpu Ha

It's hard to believe we are leaving Xpu Ha in the morning.   We sure are going to miss the people here.

We did a lot of walking today, at least two lengths of the beach and we went south along the rocky shore to see what there was to see.   After walking for an hour, we were almost out of water, so we turned around and came back.    

Maddy found her first deer eye!   She was quite pleased with herself.

She even did a little dance.

We came across a little ruin.   I will have to try to do some research on this to find out more about it.

There was a guard posted, so we couldn't enter the site from the beach.    

   On the way out we walked closer to the jungle and on the way back we stuck closer to the shoreline.  Wecame across this little oasis.   Beautiful resting spot.

A group of us went out for dinner tonight.  It was a great way to spend the last night with our friends.   I have driven past this restaurant many times and keep saying that I wanted to try it.  

It was quite delightful.   It is set back in a garden area.

Left to right we have Elaine, John, Peggy, Helen, Paul, Shirley, Rob, Gerry and Maddy.   I don't know where Reed disappeared to, and of course I am taking the picture.

This is John getting a big kiss from a statue of an Iguana.   I'm not sure what he was trying to accomplish with his tongue hanging out like that....   

Everyone seemed to love the napkin holders.   The guys all think they can cut a conch shell with a tile cutter.  

Dinner was delicious.   Gerry had the mango shrimp, Maddy had the quesadillas and I had the regional dish Yucatan Chicken.


  1. We are going to miss you guys here at Xpu-Ha, but we will keep in Touch reading your blog. I'm going to use, with your permission, a few of your great pictures for my blog. Please e-mail me a higher resolution picture of the group at Lalo if you can.
    You didn't mention the big news, maybe Albert will be ready to go today.

  2. Wow, you guys spent a long time there. I have to admit though that it's a beautiful beach. We'll make it back there at some point. Are you going to stop in at Hacienda Contreras on the way north?

  3. I have enjoyed your blog and hope you keep it up and keep in touch. We enjoyed being your neighbor in Xpu-Ha and hope to see you again. We head for Eastern Canada this summer and let you know where we will be.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip and adventures.