Monday, November 16, 2015

day 2 big bend

Last night right at dusk this guy showed up right behind the trailer.

Brenda got some great pictures.

This was about 15 feet from us there was some holes in the ground have no idea what he was after never did see and he missed. Then he flew back in the tree he was around for about an hour what a show.

Today was a day of hiking we started with the Bouquillas Canyon trail.

It was an easy hike up over a hill than along the Rio Grand.

It went into a canyon

I wished the camera would have worked as good as the eyes.

It was breath taking.

I have no idea how high these canyon walls were but that is along ways up.

I wounder what caused these holes water at one time running out of them.

There's Brenda she is always following along for some reason she is always way behind. Lost in her own world may be. lol

This was as far as we could get.

Across the river was a Mexican that was singing and he had a container for you to tip him. This was his ride.

The next walk was the Maruto Vega It was a little to long so we only walked for an hour on it.

Nice cactus.

Came across a flock of these guys.

There had to be about 30 of them and every time one would take off it would scare the crap out of me because they would only be a few feet from you and you never saw them till they took off.

The trail was threw some pretty scrubby looking stuff not much grew here.

The next walk was first a drive of about 10 miles down an old 4 wheel drive road. You could only drive about 10 miles an hour.

I noticed this white out in the scrub. So we stopped and this was a burial spot with jewelry and coins spread all over it I have never seen so many coins spread on a grave before there was 30 to 40 dollars of coins out in the middle of now where. 

A guy from the camp ground told me about this place it was not on the map and he called it the bowl.

The first part of the walk was along an old river bed.

It was a long hike 

Then we came to this canyon.

This cactus was growing under this over hang.

This is the bowls it was quite hard to walk up and around them

And if you fell in this one you were there to stay the walls were about 8 feet high. I do not think you could get out unless some one came along with a rope to help you.

There she is following along.

Brenda trying to get around the bowls.

This was a strange rock formation.

And I had to climb in it.

It was neat how the rocks went in every direction.

Next we went to the Hot Springs.This was a house that an old lady lived in and she owned the store here back in the 40s.

This was her store.

There was some rock art here but most of it was covered by people scratching there names over it. Why they would not have covered it or tried to save it and why do people have to destroy every thing.

Then along the river.

The hot springs

The water was hot and Brenda had to put her feet in. Some people came with bathing suits and got right in. I might do that but I need it a lot warmer out side.

Sorry for all the pictures tomorrow we move on.

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  1. What a wonderful photo story, looks like a great hike you had, enjoy the journey.