Sunday, November 22, 2015

Benson Arizona

Hi all just an update we have not had great wifi so no posts. Plus we screwed up the camera charger. The dish soap was knocked over and it spilled on the charger and it would not work tried washing it or running water over it and drying it with the heater but no go till we put it in rice for a few days. So this picture is the speed limits it western Texas that's 80 miles an hour. I wonder if any other states have that high a limit.

This was 3 days ago we left Texas and entered The land of enchantment.

We didn't find the enchantment. We were just driving threw the state trying to get to better weather. We had to stop for the night we saw a few feed lots but did not think a thing about them we pulled into a campground. paid and set up. Then the smell drifted in along with the fly's you could not open the door without 10 to 20 fly's coming in. On the side of the RV facing the sun there was thousands of them I think we learned a lesson. Watch out for Enchantment...

Not sure where this was it was 20 to 30 feet tall along the hwy.

We saw a lot of trains and many signs saying dust storms have not been hit by a dust storm yet wonder what that will be like they say 0 viability that should be fun to drive in.

And this is where we are now so far the weather has been 70 to 75 in the sun and at night it has gone down to 40 no idea what that is in Celsius.

We passed this spot with many boulders along the hwy and said we need to go back and explore this area.

And this is our spot we found it from It was a great deal best one so far this trip. We are here for a week. If we get the wifi worked out I will be posting more often.

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  1. So nice to see you guys again.
    There is a Radio shack in town or even the Walmart you might be able to get a new charger for your camera. Gt one for our MIFI last week.
    That huge Road Runner is at the east bound rest area just before Las Cruces.
    Love the huge boulders at the Texas Canyon rest area too. So much to see in this area, should keep you pretty busy