Friday, November 13, 2015

Yesterday we stayed in Del Rio. I had a migraine all night so did not sleep around noon we went for a walk in Amistade state park it was just down a road that they had closed. I have never in my life saw so many deer.It is hunting season down here so I wonder if all the deer moved into the park.

After about 2 miles we saw why they had closed the road it was flooded.

So today we left for Marathon on the way there we stopped at Seminole state park to see the rock art. This is the valley we had to walk down into to see them.

You can see the park office where we started from.

This is the main cave or over hang what ever you want to call it.

This one looked like a cat but they said it was a raccoon 

And this one they said was a deer ya right.

This is the one I asked what kind of car they had because they drew pictures of the keys. They said it was house keys.

no idea what this was.

The swallow had a nest there.

See the 2 names these 2 guys worked on the railroad back in 1845.

Looking out from the cave.

no idea

picture is not very good this one there was 4 people one had wings and you could see there feet.

Some neat rocks down there it looked like sponge.

I wish I had the good camera for this shot as soon as I took it it walked away.

This is how big the cave is see the people at the other end. See all that loose gravel with the holes dug in it. They were made from some school excavating it they were only allowed  8 hours to dig there must have been hundreds of them. All that gravel has straw in it from the mats and the loose rocks were from the ovens that they had made.The art on the walls goes under the gravel 3 to 5 feet because they kept bringing more gravel in here to make more ovens. they used these caves 4000 years ago I think she said for about a 1000 years.

Then we moved on to Marathon RV park. It took awhile to find the office I love this sign.

Do you see us over there this was the picture from town.See the mountains in behind us.

We walked over to town to see this building from the park I thought it was a church but it ended up being a bed and breakfast.

I am sure it must belonged to a bunch of hippies Its Evs organic B&B

Every town has one of these houses we have one down the road from us you can just be happy you don't live next door to them.

You even have the bee house on the roof.

This is Texas to me we do love guns down here.

This is our view.

I saw a bunch of these I think they are grouse not sure.

One flew up on a post so I could get a better picture.


  1. Loved your photos of Seminole State park! Looks like a fascinating place to explore. Helen

    1. Thanks it is a great place to explore.
      we loved it there.

  2. Loved your photos of Seminole State park! Looks like a fascinating place to explore. Helen