Tuesday, November 17, 2015


So this morning we got up packed up and were 17 miles down the road and set up again by 10.30. That is my kind of traveling. The wind last night were brutal but by this morning had died down till around 9.30 even on the drive over here you could feel the gusts blowing the RV around. We were going to walk some trails around the camp ground but the wind was way to strong and cold by 2 it got up to 18C but the wind felt way to cold. So we went for a drive we heard the road was a bit steep going threw Big Bend Ranch state park. That was where we were headed tomorrow but after the drive we thought we should take a different route. 

It was a great drive nice views with a steep winding road.

We got to see some great rock formations

And a good rest stop 

We saw lots of these signs and 15 degree hill ahead use low gear. We have driven many 15 degree slopes but I hate the ones with the crazy s bends  with the road sloping towards the edge not fun.

Even some Hoodo's

And balancing boulders

Now this is a 15 degree slope.

And this is our view today 

So tomorrow we are headed back the 17 miles for one more night this place was 19 dollars for the first night then 39 for the second so we are going back to where we were last night. Hope this wind is over by then the RV is a rocking already this afternoon cant wait for tonight.

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  1. Our wind has passed us by. Hope yours does too.
    We sure don't like those 15 degree roads either, avoid them with a passion.