Monday, November 9, 2015

Still in Texas

        We are in San Antonio at Braunig lake RV resort. We have been here for 2 days now. Its a nice park and about 8 miles from down town.

And there is a lake, there was a bunch of people fishing, catch and release.

Today we went to the Alamo it was way smaller than I thought it would be.

If you read every sign and display in the museum I don't think you would be there for an hour. 

I guess this is the front of the place and have no idea who the girl is in the picture.

After that we went for the river walk.

The river runs through the city and they have this walkway along both sides of it.

Its a very nice walk we went a couple of miles I have no idea how far the walkway goes.

And we were told to do it at night time I could see all the Christmas lights in the trees so I bet it is beautiful. But we are not going to do it.

If you like city's and shopping make sure you stop here but its not for me I would rather be out walking through the bush or up a mountain with the wildlife. We are heading to my kind of place next Big bend National Park. Its the most wilderness place in the lower 48 states. And the darkest for star gazing. Its down by the Mexican Border. It has lots of trails so we want to do lots of walking.


  1. We have been to San Antonio a couple time, , like you we not city people, love the country.

  2. Hey you two... sounds like a good plan... especially when I know you really didn't have one! Have fun exploring. C.

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