Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Del Rio

We are in Del Rio Texas this is day 2 here.

We were going to move to Seminole State Park its only 45 minutes down the road but the wind picked up so we stayed here and drove the tracker to the park. Some people say its the Grand Canyon of south Texas. I would not say that but I have not seen the real Grand Canyon and if this is any thing like the real one I am going to be disappointed. We hiked one of the trails it was nice lots to see. Loved this first sign how are you suppose to  see the sights when you are looking for snakes.

The trail led along the top of the canyon.

There was lots of caves along it but no way to get to them.

And like always me doing the big jump.

many interesting rock formations.

The river was pretty dry

Always on the edge 

Ok Brenda no throwing rocks at me ether.

We saw a few fossils kind of neat.

Saw some plants we have not seen before.

And this guy kept popping up I was sure he was following us.

Brenda being brave she was yelling at me I can't get any closer.

I know I put way to many pictures on here but live with it since I have not bean blogging every day you can put up with the pictures.

Tomorrow we are going back so we can see the pictographs you have to go on a guided tour to see them and it starts at 10 am. so we are going to stop and do them on the way to Marathon the next stop.


  1. If you enjoyed your visit to Seminole State Park you won't be disappointed when you finally see the Grand Canyon because it is much larger and deeper. It will leave you in awe.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks I sure hope its

  2. The Grand Canyon will not disappoint you.

  3. It's great to see you blogging again. It's an interesting area, but the world is full of interesting area and you might try to see as many as possible. Have lots of fun and travel safely. Remember, you are in the USA where a little road rage can be fatal.