Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Triangle T Ranch

Today was a fun day we went to Triangle T Ranch. We found it by pure luck we had drove back down the hwy to see these boulders along the hwy. They looked neat the way they just hung there if you see them you would wounder the same thing what keeps these things up there.

This is me showing how big they are.

The ranch was the set for many westerns like 310 to Yuma back in 1957. 

this is the old movie set.

I just loved the way these rocks looked I guess they were formed by wind.

See what I mean this rock is bigger than a SUV. Why does it stay there.

There are trails all over the place you can book a horse back tour but we just walked threw it. They are fine with people wandering around you just have to sign a waiver in case you get hurt saying you are the idiot that climbed under that boulder as it slide down the hill. You know the waivers where you sign your life away.

Some nice looking horses were not in Mexico.

Every where you go there is some new view.

They say its wind that carves all these stones.

See Brenda she would not climb the rocks where is Lara when I needed her she would have been all over these. Miss her on this trip.

We walked the trails for over 2 hours.

Some famous people stayed here 

I wanted to climb this one but it looked a little scary.

The ranch was divided by the hwy when it was built so they put a tunnel under it. 

This was the other side of the hwy.

That boulder was the size of a small bus. why does it stay up there this is a windy country.

So a little about this place The Apache chief Cochise winter camped here. Steve McQueen and Jodie McQueen used to stay on the ranch and Jodie performed trick shooting for the guests.310 Yuma was shot here back in 1957. with Glen Ford,Van Heflin.They have a Saloon here that is built around the rock that was in the court yard of the original house that burnt down in the 30's. Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson stayed on the ranch while filming Stage Coach. Duel in the Sun with Gregory Peck. High Chaparral with Lelf Erickson. The book The Ancient Ones by Lori Hines was written about the ranch. The Rockefellers and Vanderbilts were personal friends with the Tutt family and stayed here frequently. If you are in the area its worth the stop. You can camp here for 40 a night with full hook ups to steep for us.


  1. Just never know what you will find out here in the southwest we have always found it interesting with wonderful stories behind every cactus.

  2. Nice to see you guys having so much fun! Aint nature grand!.....H.