Monday, November 23, 2015


Yesterday we decided to go to Tombstone. Along the road there we saw this sign I have no idea what earth fishers are and I am pretty sure I don't want to find out what they are.

Tombstone is a real tourist trap you got money we will take it kind of place. They made the main streets look like the old west and most you are not allowed to drive on.

There are a few old stage coaches that you can ride in no idea how much they cost.

And this place was my laugh of all of town. You can shoot replica hand guns 6 shots for $3 fake ammo. We are talking to these 2 guys that run the place we say we are from Canada they start to laugh and say we know you can't have hand guns and are not allowed to ever shoot guns, Then the guy says that president Obama  is just a Muslim and he is trying to take all there guns away for every one except Muslims just like Canada. I had no reply I just laughed at him and said to Brenda we got to get out of this place. We have been laughing about it quite a bit it takes all kinds to make up this world.

The sheriffs office

Brenda in jail

This is the set where they have one of the many gun fight in town.

I was shot for stealing a horse.

Some one forgot to cut this poor guy down.

On the way out of town we stopped at boot hill.

It was fun walking around reading all the head stones.

This one made me laugh 4 slugs from a 44 no less no more.

How bad were you to get shot by a Chinaman

And 2 for the price of 1.

I had to try on these hats loved all of them.

I wanted this one but the 102 dollars was a bit steep.

Hey Carrie met the woman that owns this one and its for sale she said 9,000 then lowered it to 7,000 then said she would trade it for a larger one. She was hating living in it she had 2 dogs and every time she stopped she had to take every thing out of it and move it into her truck so there was room for her and the dogs. I felt sorry for the poor woman she is living on 600 a month and this is all she has in the world.


  1. Glad you got to Tombstone just have to go, now you can say you have been there. Have never been in the gun place there.
    I have a hat just like the one you wanted, picked it up for $30.00. In Quartzsite.

  2. Great blog! Gerry.....hope you are keeping warm!

    1. so far as long as we have propane I am warm most if the parks here you have to pay for electric so no heaters. It is warm enough in the day time.

  3. Hey, thanks for thinking of me. Sweet ride!

  4. Hey, thanks for thinking of me. Sweet ride!