Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A walk on the beach

Gerry was migraine free this morning, and I was feeling pretty good, but we were both very lazy.   All we did today was take the laundry to the laundromat and walk the beach.   It was crazy hot at the campsite, but the breeze on the beach was awesome.   It felt 10 degrees cooler in the sun on the beach than it did in the shade beside Myrtle.     
Unfortunately, by the end of our walk, Gerry had a headache, not a migraine, more like a migraine-hangover or perhaps he was a bit dehydrated.   It is easy to get dehydrated when the breeze is strong enough to make you think you aren't sweating.    

Gillnets.    These are illegal in Canada, but they seem to be used quite a bit in Mexico.   We saw them on the west coast as well.   The gillnets were here yesterday as well.   They belong to some people who were camping on the beach.  Today the tent was gone, but the fire was still burning and the gillnets were still in the water.    

     I googled to try to find out what the laws here are, but to no avail.   Does anyone know?

Marine animals and birds are often inadvertently trapped in gillnets, causing death by drowning.  

It looked liked this little girl was going to dig a hole so deep she would get lost in it.

It was as if she had radar for a camera and knew one was pointed at her.   Her head popped up just long enough to pose for a picture.    

The waves were fairly big today.   We took a walk down to the end of the beach where it is very rocky.   Actually, it seems to be an old coral reef that has been out of the water for a very long time.   We were wondering how long ago the shoreline was 50 feet higher.     When the waves are high, the water comes  rushing up, and flows beneath the rock.   It finds its way into cracks and gushes out like a blow hole.


I saw this guy scamper from one side of the path to the other. I wonder if they have chameleon qualities.  I swear it was more brownish gold, but when I took a picture of it, it was almost all silver grey.  I may be mistaken, perhaps my eyes were playing tricks on me.       The brownish gold streak on this little critter is almost the same colour as the dead foliage on the other side of the path.  

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