Friday, January 4, 2013

Sick Day..a couple of birds and kite surfers

Well, I picked something up somewhere.   Sore throat, stuffed head,  coughing, dizzy.   I came down with it last night and it seems I gave it to Gerry, because he started to get sick this afternoon.  

Most of the folks around here think I probably picked it up on the airplane...apparently those buggers carry a lot of germs.   However, I have also read that Canada is being hit hard this year with the flu.    I'd be interested in knowing if it is because people getting the flu shot dropped drastically this year.  ha, all this musing, I don't have symptoms of the flu.   No fever, no stomach upset.      

We had a couple of birds visit the trees just outside Myrtle again today.   It seems it is becoming a popular spot for woodpeckers and parrots.   Such a treat.   

Isn't he adorable?

Hello!   Can you see it?


We managed to drag our butts out onto the beach and forced ourselves to go for a walk.   The kite surfers were very talented today.    (Well, honestly I know nothing about kite surfing...they seemed talented to me, but what do I know?)   They were amazing to watch.

Sorry, not much to say today.   We didn't even attend Happy Hour or the traditional Friday night trip into town for pizza.

Gerry's daughter Sara and her partner Tommy arrived in the wee hours of the morning and are staying at the Bahia Principe Tulum.   I'm looking forward to spending a bit of time poolside at their all inclusive resort and perhaps doing a bit of touristy stuff.   Ruins? Snorkeling? Shopping? Drinking?  Eating?    

 We have to hurry up and get well enought to spend some time with them!!!!  I am sure they will take a day or two to acclimate before wanting to meet up, but a week goes by fast.   :(

I'm told Tequila will kill anything...perhaps it is time to do a few shots......????

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