Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas vacation is over...back to the grind of Xpu Ha

I'm back in Xpu Ha after a very busy but wonderful trip home for Christmas.   It feels like I was gone about 5 minutes, but I was home for 18 days.    

After a long day of travelling, all I did was chill last night.    I got used to the lovely cold weather in Canada, so this heat is going to take some getting used to.   :)

Today was pretty relaxing, we walked on the beach, got some groceries, attended happy hour and took a few pictures of birds.    

Happy Hour
We were sitting around eating, laughing, drinking when all of a sudden I heard a loud thud and the ground shook.    

I looked over my shoulder, and there was this big cluster of coconuts still settling into the sand.   

I got to wondering just how many people die each year from falling coconuts, so as usual, I googled it.   

I found this interesting and amusing article.

I have heard that 87% of statistics are made up on the spot.   It's true, just ask my daughter-in-law Morgan. There is even a facebook page and 255 people have liked it.

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  1. hahahah. To be fair, I make an attempt to change the "x% of statistics are made up on the spot" everytime I use that line.

    Amazing Bird Photos!! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!! And I'm so excited I finally get to say that, lol.