Saturday, January 5, 2013

Another sick day, a couple more birds

I spent the day inside Myrtle, still sick.   I woke up with a case of laryngitis.   I'm sure Gerry appreciates the peace and quiet.   He must be used to it after me being gone for 18 days.

  Helen (one of our neighbours) brought me some dinner.   Right after I scarfed it down, I thought...dang, I should have taken a picture so I could post it on the blog.   It was the highlight of my day.   Helen is a such a kind person, and an awesome cook too!   I'm not sure what it is called, but it is stew like, but a little like cabbage soup with the yummiest meat in it.    Gerry tells me that Helen took care of him while I was gone too.   I am very grateful.  

Thank you Helen!      

Gerry went out with the camera and came back with a few more pictures of birds.

I am beginning to get interested in bird watching.   Our friend Bob said he saw about 30 different birds at Coba yesterday morning.    The problem is they are out early in the morning, or near sundown.   I am usually sleeping or running from bugs at those times of day.       

I started a round of antibiotics today, took cough medicine, gave myself a B12 shot, and started using inhalers.   I haven't resorted to the tequila treatment yet...  :)  We have a date with Sara and Tommy tomorrow morning.... I hope I don't have to send Gerry alone.  

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