Sunday, January 27, 2013

Laguna de los Siete Colores

We have 6 days to explore this coast off the Mayan Riviera, before we have more family coming to visit, so we headed down to Bacalar today.   It was an easy 3 hour drive along the 307.   Every 10 kilometers or so there is even a rest area at the side of the highway.   Much of the drive was jungle to the right of us, jungle the left, and the rest was through a few Mexican towns.     

This is the only picture I took on the way here, although I saw several places I plan to take pictures of on the way back.   The rest areas were easily long enough to 10 motor homes to park end to end.      

We arrived at Balneario Cocalitos on Laguna de los Sieta Colores and were immediately entranced with the beauty of the Lagoon.    

The Lagoon is mostly shallow, all except this one area they call the Blue Hole. This blue hole is a deep Cenote.

I have never seen such blue colours in freshwater before.   

They call it Laguna de los Sieta Colores (the lagoon of 7 colours), because the refraction and reflections of the light on the shallow, sandy bottomed lagoon causes the lagoon to be several shades of blue and to change colour as the sun hits the water from different angles.   I took several pictures of basically the same spot a half an hour apart this afternoon so I could see for myself just how much it changes. 


Gerry has been suffering from a migraine all day, and I have been under the weather since last night, so we didn't do any exploring today.   We parked so our door opens onto the lagoon so we could just relax and enjoy the beauty right outside Myrtle all day.   



  1. Hope Gerry feels better, Donna gets migraines,I have never had one and hope I never do, have we told you Donna should be retiring in April and we plan to winter next year with Paul and Helen in Mexico. I hope we meet up with you. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....also Rigg's...

  2. Oh goodness, I have never had a migraine and I hope it stays that way. Gerry suffers so.
    How exciting! Donna, you will love retirement, and you will love Mexico.

    We don't know where in Mexico we are going next year, but it would be very nice to meet up with you.

  3. Great pictures as usual. Did you guys make an attempt to go to the campground that Reed kept recommending?
    We have stayed where you are 3 different times. Never see many there since it's not big rig friendly. One year I paddled all the way down the lake to where the river starts. Lots of little places along the shore.

  4. We passed the entrance to the Laguna Azul, and didn't want to unhitch Albert. We decided to come here first and take day trips to all the other campgrounds between Campeche and Mahahual. It is doubtful we will move from here it is so nice.

    I don't see how it is not big rig friendly here though..I must be missing something. There is lots of room to turn around and no delineated sites.

  5. Beautiful photos. Looks inviting.