Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Myrtle broke down

We left Balacar today to head to Majahual.    We drove to the other side of the campground to fill up with water before we left.   Myrtle wouldn't start again.    It was serendipitous because we were going to stay there until the day we have to head back up the coast to pick our granddaughter Maddy up from the airport.    It would have be much much more inconvenient with a deadline hanging over our heads.

We weren't at all stressed about it.  We really couldn't have found a prettier place to be stuck.

Javier and Victor 

We drove Albert into town to find a mechanic.   After several hilarious attempts to communicate with our poor Spanish skills, we managed to find a mechanic who would come to the campgrounds and have a look.  

At first we all thought it was the fuel pump, but the problem was a simple one.   There was sediment in the gas line, causing a blockage.    He cleaned the gas line for us, and told us to keep it above half full at all times until we can pull the gas tank off and have it cleaned out.

His charge?  200 pesos.   That is less than $20.00.    

This is our only neighbour in the campground at Majuhual.   They have a dog in the tent with them too.   I would have loved one of these when I was a kid.     

Random puppy on the beach.

  I think this is the smallest puppy I have ever seen.   

The little girl was so proud when she saw us taking a picture of her puppy.    The pup looks big in this picture, but it is deceiving because the girl is tiny and she is holding the puppy toward the camera.

We are now nicely tucked in at Majahual....extremely tired and extremely sore from overdoing it the last few days.    Time to chill.   


  1. What so this guy gets a pass for having the dog on the roof but Romney was the devil for it?

  2. Are you at Blue Bay or somewhere down the beach road?
    Are Dough & Marsha (Red Sprinter) still at Blue Bay?

    1. Douglas and Martha just got back today from Chetumal. They said they didn't really like it.

    2. Oh sorry, I forgot to answer your first question. We are at Blue Bay.